Our designs never have
performance pressure
Pun intended
We have got big ears

Our UX process starts with listening.

We believe every idea is born out of a problem. If you have one, we would love bringing your idea to life. Your story matters to us, because “every great design begins with an even better story”. As much as we listen, we can’t stop asking questions. We need all the details, for in Business Discovery , “the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail”.

Business Proposal, Requirement Analysis

We can’t stop asking why
Innovation begins with understanding the problem, and more importantly, the users. Our guiding principle for User Research has been, “Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought”.

User Personas, User Journies & Information Architecture.

We connect atoms to bits
We connect the needs of end users with your intent & vision and bring this out on paper. These connected dots help us create the storyboards and wireframes, which are the cornerstones of our UX & Interaction Design. During all this we practice digital mindfulness, keeping your users in mind. We have a brain tattoo that constantly reminds us, “ People ignore designs that ignore people”.

Storyboards, Paper sketches, Wireframes & Interaction Documents.

We take scribbles to pixels
Once we get your feedback on wireframes, we go ahead and bring in colors and life to them. The color schemes, layout, graphics, typography, white space, and all other design elements are thought through at this UI & Visual Design stage. “The bottleneck isn’t, how do we make pixels prettier? It is, How do we engage the users more with pixels?” We weaved your story so far and now it is time to tell the world! But wait, before we take the plunge into development, we first need to conduct Usability Testing - test the designs with your users because we want the actual users to be judges!

UI Designs, Hi-Fidelity Click-Through Prototypes.

We give the human touch
Here the irresistible designs go out for Development. Our development teams get in full sync with designers and bring them to life. Our QA teams ensure your UIs are “pixel-perfect” and are functional, because we all know, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works”.

Source Code, Deployed Apps, Test Plans & Test Reports.

The Journey begins


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