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About Semantify
Semantify is a pioneer in democratizing cognitive search and knowledge discovery to end users and frontline staff at all levels and functions in an enterprise. The core technology layer integrates advanced analytics, natural language and machine learning to derive, in real time, hidden insights from across a broad spectrum of information and data sources. It is a powerful, big data discovery and analytics platform. It automates the grunt work of prepping, coding and extracting relevant data, freeing up the bandwidth of data experts for critical business analyses. We helped define the User Experience and delivered responsive designs for Semantify’s next-generation platform and also developed the complete UI.
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Our Approach

Semantify is a comprehensive platform for NLP based analytics. However, to enable business users the sophistication of being able to use natural language, the data analysts must first set up each analytics “application”, and this involves a fairly complex workflow involving a number of steps by a domain expert. The challenge was to make this application building - sometimes compared to building a workflow on a no-code BPA platform - easy and intuitive for a domain expert without requiring extensive training on the Semantify platform. We chose to center the user experience around a guided process that walked the user through each step of the application building in a sequential manner but allowed experts the flexibility of jumping around the workflow. We worked very closely with their professional services team, who were the first users of the product but were also at the frontline dealing with customers and understand their challenges to a great degree. We worked hand in hand with the product team validating at every step that the enhancements we were proposing (e.g., suggesting an auto mapping between concepts and meta data, that was a manual process till then) would be practical to implement. We had the added advantage of having a ready set of test users in the form of the professional services team to validate our designs.

Semantify UI UX Design Approch
The Details
We helped Semantify with our end to end UX services, which included defining the UX & Design of the platform as well as an end to end UI development (front end engineering). The team comprised of a Design strategist and 2 UX and UI designers. The development team consisted of 7 members, including a Development Lead, UI developers, and QA. The designs were created in 2.5 months, and the development cycle was a further 6 months. The development framework for the front-end was AngularJS.
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Semantify}} UI details
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